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How to Create Folders to Categorize Your Documents

Your first plan of action when starting with Acodis should be to create a folder.
You can create a new folder by right-clicking within the document dashboard and clicking “Create New Folder.” Think of each folder as a separate machine-learning apprentice that you’ll train. Each folder or apprentice will learn to extract data from your documents in the specific way you train it. So let’s say you have two folders (Folder 1 & Folder 2) storing the same documents but want to process them differently. You can train Acodis to extract data points “a,b,c” from Folder 1 and extract data points “x,y,z” from Folder 2. Meaning, even though you’ve supplied both folders with similar documents, how those documents are processed will differ based on how you’ve trained each folder/apprentice. We suggest you name each folder based on the type of documents each folder will be supplied, e.g., Invoices, Purchase Orders, or Contracts.