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Navigating the Acodis Home Screen

When launching Acodis you will first encounter the home section of the platform. Here you can upload your documents to either the |Training| or |Production| modules, and toggle between them. 

The leaf icon on the top left acts as your “Home” button. You can access the user information , choose your preferred language , and access the user manual  on the top right. You can also use the search bar  on the top right to locate specific documents you’ve uploaded. If you want to change how your uploaded files are displayed, e.g., list or picture, click the layout button  on the top right near the search bar and select your desired layout.

If it’s your first time using Acodis we recommend you first use the |Training| module. Beginning this way allows you to hit two birds with one stone – Training your personal AI apprentice on your document processes while simultaneously getting familiar with executing your document workflows on the Acodis platform.